Mylena Mordhorst

Research Assistant


+49 711 685-60045

Pfaffenwaldring 5a
70569 Stuttgart
Room: 02.021

  1. Mordhorst M, Strecker T, Wirtz D, Heidlauf T, Röhrle O. POD-DEIM reduction of computational EMG models. Journal of Computational Science. 2017;19:86--96.
  2. Mordhorst M, Wirtz D, Röhrle O. Model order reduction of dynamic skeletal muscle models. PAMM. 2016;16(1):851--852.
  3. Mordhorst M, Heidlauf T, Röhrle O. Predicting electromyographic signals under realistic conditions using a multiscale chemo--electro--mechanical finite element model. Interface focus. 2015;5(2):20140076.
  4. Mordhorst M, Heidlauf T, Röhrle O. Mathematically modelling surface EMG signals. PAMM. 2014;14(1):123--124.
  • Since November 2013: Research Assistant, Institute for Modelling and Simulation of Biomechanical Systems (and Institute of Applied Mechanics), Continuum Biomechanics and Mechanobiology
  • 2011 - 2013: Master of Science in COMMAS (Computational Mechanics of Materials and Structures) at the University of Stuttgart, Germany
  • 2007 - 2011: Bachelor of Science in Mathematics at the Christian-Albrechts-University Kiel, Germany
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