Winner in front of poster

SimTech Status Seminar 2021: Best Poster Award

November 11, 2021

David Rosin and his colleagues Johannes Kässinger and Xingyao Yu won the Best Poster Award

This year's best poster price of 150€, voted for by participants of the status seminar in Bad Boll, was awarded to PN7-1, better known as project PerSiVal, for their poster trilogy on "Visualization based on Distributed Neural Networks for Pervasive Continuum-Mechanical Simulation in Biomechanics".

The collaborative project is an effort of three different institutes - represented by one PhD-student each: Johannes Kässinger (IPVS), David Rosin (IMSB) and Xingyao Yu (VISUS) - to develop a real-time visualization of a continuum-mechanical simulation in a VR/AR-setting. This visualization is build on data of a human arm model developed at the IMSB, as well as corresponding surrogate models developed at the IPVS and IMSB. The final application will act as an on-body overlay, allowing someone wearing a AR/VR-headset to see the detailed muscle geometry of the biomechanical model deform, according to the motion of whoever they are observing.

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