New publication online: Strain Measures and Energies for Crimped Fibres and Novel Analytical Expressions for Fibre Populations: Ingredients for Structural Fibre Network Models

August 29, 2022

A new publication of our institute is available online. It deals with several aspects in the modelling of fibre networks and has been published in the Journal of Elasticity.

The paper deals with the structural modelling of fibre networks with a focus on the description of populations of initially crimped fibres. It presents a systematic approach of introducing appropriate strain measures for single fibres based on a deformation decomposition and by transferring knowledge from the field of elastoplasticity. On this basis, for example, the often used Biot-type fibre strain measures λ-λw and λ/λw-1, with stretch λ and waviness λw, are consistently assigned to different classes of material strain (“additive”) or intermediate strain (“multiplicative”) descriptions, respectively. The work reviews different fibre strain energies based on the different stain measures and present extensive comparisons on the physical implications and the results on the fibre population and network scale. These investigations also include formulations with a Hencky-type energy based on a logarithmic strain. Furthermore, we present novel analytical expressions for fibre populations that make the evaluation of integral expression superfluous and thus lead to a significant reduction in computational time.

Authors: Christian Bleiler and Oliver Röhrle

Link to publication: 

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