August 28, 2020 / Oliver Röhrle

DFG announces Call for Proposal for the Priority Programme SPP2311

DFG announced today the call for proposal for the Priority Programme "Robust Coupling of Continuum-biomechanical In Silico Models to Establish Active Biological System Models for Later Use in Clinical Applications – Co-design of Modelling, Numerics and Usability" (SPP2311). The deadline for proposal will be December 16, 2020.

The aim of the Priority Programme is to co-design robust, computational, continuum-biomechanical models by developing new methods uniting research in modelling, numerics and a particular medical application. The focus hereby is on models of active biological systems in the human organism to advance methods that can later be integrated within a clinical environment, but rather to define the interfaces between model and clinical application. The Priority Programme does not aim to establish the transfer of the models into the clinic via clinical trials. In particular, the programme will concentrate on coupling strategies for “active” biological systems. The definition of “active” refers to systems that experience a change of state due to physical, chemical, and/or biological phenomena or stimuli. Examples are metabolic processes, growth and remodelling, or electrical stimulation.

The Englisch version of the Call for proposals can be downloaded here
DIe deutsche Version der Ausschreibung kann unter hier heruntergeladen werden.

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